If you had 50 lbs to lose…what would you do?

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2019

This was a question I got recently that got me thinking! Usually I work with people looking to lose 10-15 lbs, but this person wanted to lose 50 lbs!

I wanted to take you through my entire thought process. I’ve experimented relentlessly with diet and exercise for the past 10 years—so here’s exactly what I would do to lose 50 lbs—while feeling amazing and not starving!


Diet Strategy


Diet Goal: Eat a high protein, nutrient dense carnivore diet. Incorporate fasting as much as comfortable. Avoid hunger and enjoy meals.


Strategy: Full Carnivore. Fast until hungry. Protein shake to break the fast. 1-2 meals of steak/ground beef, 4 oz frozen liver (optional), and seafood (optional). If feeling fatigued or depleted, increase salt and fat for a day or two through fattier steak (ribeye) and extra egg yolks (in protein shake).


Foods to Emphasize

Steak, ground beef, egg yolks, liver, oysters, salmon roe, salt


Supplements (not necessary whatsoever)

Ancestral Supplements: Beef Brain, Adrenal, Beef Organs, Bone Marrow

Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate

Perfect Keto Whey Protein Isolate


Protein Shake

Whey protein, collagen protein, whole bone calcium, pink salt, egg yolks



-Fasting until hungry allows you to naturally reduce calories and burn more fat.

-Don’t force the fast by downing tons of coffee. This will only fatigue your body. You’re better off having the protein shake or a meal.

-Keeping a simple menu of delicious foods makes life easier and allows you to forget about food. Rather than guessing which new almond flour Keto recipe to make—you simply have a massive steak with some oysters or salmon or eggs—and done. Diets with less variety have been shown to lead to greater fat loss results over time (mono-food diets). More variety usually means more calories.

-Going full Carnivore is easier on your willpower because cheats aren’t even an option. It’s all-in. So when fat loss is the goal—full Carnivore.

-Breaking the fast with the protein shake helps decrease appetite, satiate cravings, and prevent lean muscle loss.

-The protein shake adds extra calcium (can be tricky to get on carnivore), and allows for the inclusion of other superfood nutrients like collagen, egg yolks, and pink salt. It’s also a good time to down those Ancestral Supps capsules.

-Collagen is vital for connective tissue and health, so the protein shake is a good way to add some extra. Perfect Keto also has a fantastic Collagen Protein that I occasionally use as a coffee creamer—it’s delicious.




Exercise Strategy


Training Target: Follow fun and challenging daily workouts that build lean muscle and tone the body, rather than exhaust and fatigue me. I want my workouts to energize me throughout the day.


Strategy: Exercise first thing in the morning at 5am. Lift 5x/week, 45-50 minutes a day. Incorporate volume and heavy weights. 30-45 minutes of low intensity cardio before lifting—jogging, elliptical, stairmaster, incline treadmill walking, hiking.


Pre-Workout: 1-2 cups of black coffee. If feeling depleted or tired, have 1 tsp of pink salt under the tongue, drink back with water. Occasionally add Perfect Keto Collagen Protein to coffee for taste (and because collagen is shuttled throughout body more effectively when consumed pre-workout).


Tracking Lifts

Use a notepad, Notes app, or Fitbod app to keep track of sets and reps—and to make sure you’re not cutting corners. This will keep you making progress and getting stronger. It also ‘game-ifies’ the lifting process so you you can ‘level up’ every workout.


My Personal Bodypart Split

-Shoulders and Back

-Chest and Arms


-Calves and abs each training day (2-3 sets of each to start off workout)



-To survive cardio, it’s incredibly helpful to stay entertained or distracted. Music, Youtube videos, podcasts, audiobooks are all great. I also like to catch up on texts, email, and social media during cardio. The time flies by.

-Rather than immediately jumping into this full routine—slowly improve upon what you’re already doing until you reach this level. So if you’re training 3 days a week with no cardio—try training 4 days a week with 2 cardio sessions. Then keep building.

-Wake up at the same time everyday. If you sleep in, you will throw off your hormones which may impact your fat loss and will also make waking up on time the next day even harder. So even on weekends, get up early.

-On “rest days”, still get active. I believe in active rest. So on my off days, I will go to the beach and get in the water. I’ll go for a morning walk. I’ll ride my bike. Sleeping in and watching Netflix is not going to help you feel rejuvenated at all. In fact, you’ll feel even more tired afterwards. Move!


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